Is this game for children?

Unfortunately, this game does have an age restriction of 17+ as there is slight profanity and very small sexual innuendos.

Which player starts the game?

You decide who starts the game. Usually nothing a game of rock paper scissors or coin toss can't solve.

How do we start play after unboxing?

There are 3 options of play. One, players can shuffle all the cards together then stack them and draw from one deck. Two, the method used most, players can shuffle all cards together then stack in 2 separate decks to draw from (better odds of not choosing the same type of card multiple times). Or three, players choose from the category they wish to play most. 

Going in a circle, one player at a time, draw a card to perform.

Does a timer come with the game?

No. Players can use their smart phone or watch as a timer.

How does a player win an "Aggressive Affection" card?

Making your opponent laugh at the compliment that you perform. The group can also decide that getting a player to "react" or "break face" from a poker face wins a card. Aggressive Affection cards can only be won by player that draws it.

What happens if my opponent does not laugh when I perform my "Aggressive Affection" card?

That card goes into the "used" pile.

Do I get to keep a Wild Card after playing it?

Unless the prompt says otherwise, yes, you keep the Wild Card when you draw it.


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