About Us

Blair "Scream Queen" Eleazer

The Compliment Queen herself emerged from the womb of her Mother in 1997, aggressively screaming how excited she was to finally begin her conquest of Earth. She has since, been aggressively, and affectionately telling friends, family and random people on the street how incredibly proportionate their ankles are to their shins...among other beautifully awkward compliments. Though she is the most befuddling bodaciously beautiful woman on this floating rock, she, like the rest of us, love reminders of that. That, along with the quirky love she shares with her husband Steven, inspired her to co-create what you have come to know as The Sixth Love Language Game.

Steven "Compliment King" Eleazer

It all started when God said let there be light. Not too long afterwards, that same God said "let there be an insultingly incredible hunk of man who helps change the way people love each other forever"... and you got Steven Eleazer, the Compliment King. From the first moment he and Blair's Tiktok persona "6lair" went viral for a video of the two compliment arguing, he knew they had something special with this strange love language. 3 years later, he co-created a game that now rests on the entertainment centers of homes all over the globe and in the hearts of families everywhere. When asked what he wants most for this game, he simply answers, "to make the world a happier place, one sweet scream at a time"!